Why I started

I do not feel really well lately. I am constantly thinking about the things I do not have, instead of what I have. And I can not find the button to turn that feeling around. It is making me terribly sad all the time and I am starting to go back to a place I never want to go back again.

So I said to myself yesterday “What do I need to do to think about the positive things in my life again?” I didn’t know the answer. So after some time I wasn’t anywhere near a solution. I started to think again after a short break and then I put one solution on paper. Writing down things that are going well in my life could be a solution. Just making a list of all the positive things happening in my life would maybe give me a more postive feeling. Then I found another solutions. Writing down my feelings and writing them away from myself would be a solution. Then I started thinking and I noticed that I did that before. It was the time I couldn’t find a way of outing my feelings without relatives or people knowing. I started my blog. It was an outlet for my feelings. I had the feeling that people would know, because I was writing a blog and people who want to could read it, but it also gave me some sense of safeness, because people I know didn’t know that I was writing my feelings down and posting it.

I think that blogging helped me a lot and I think I need to write more again. I need to write and make blog before it is Sunday. I noticed from myself that I forget it more easily and when it is busy I do not write one even though it is such an outlet for me and I need to do it even thought it is busy.

I made an agreement with myself to write more. And make a good blog each Sunday. I also made the agreement to post the blog on My Trending Stories to. I tend to forget that as well and I do not want that.

So that is my agreement and I am going to try to keep it this time.

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x