First real blog since six months

Hello People.

It’s been a while and this will be my first real blog again since half a year. I’ve been away for quite a while because I was stressed with a lot of things. School, friends, personal stuff. Now I technically have vacation and I can’t wait until it is the tenth of august, because then I am on my way to Italy! But for now I want to write down what happened in those last six months.

I stopped blogging when everything became too much. I was stressed with school. It was a lot that needed to happen and my internship was really fun, but because of that I was way to many hours busy with my internship. So I stopped blogging, hoping that I wouldn’t write for a month, but that went different. I was still trying to get out of all the things I still needed to do for school and then my friend her relationship ended and she got a bit lost and I felt de responsibility to keep an eye on her.

Then in the six months another heavy thing happened. My friend lost her father. He fought against ALS for almost two years. She is still mourning and I completely understand why. But that was another situation where I wanted to be there for her. Those two things didn’t help to reduce my stress. Then we went on a trip with the class to Gent in Belgium and when we were there there arose a parting in the group and there was a lot of tension and one my friends that was in our friend group turned against us completely. So that wasn’t a nice thing either.

A couple of weeks ago a friend in my friend group told us that he wasn’t feeling like himself and that he found it difficult to process al the changes within our friend group. Which I understood, but it was another thing that happened above all the other things that made me wanted to look out for him to.

To count everything a lot of unlikable things happened and it took a toll on me. It didn’t give me the time to relax and do a lot of things that I like. One of the things writing blogs.

But now that the year is done and I have vacation, makes everything a whole lot better. I am doing fun things with my friends and I feel like I am becoming closer and closer with some of them each day. I am excited for Italy and I can’t wait to be able to start fresh in the new year.

That is technically what happened in al those months. But I want to put that behind me now and be out of the stress modus. So that is what I am going to do. Relax this holiday and do the things I like again.

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


Hello World!!!


Pretty cliche to start of like this, but hello world!!!

I know that there are probably hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of people who are having a blog, but I thought why not give it a shot. And that thought brought me to SoZing. SoZing means literally So Sing, but Sing is in the Netherlands spelled as Zing. I called is SoZing, because first of all I LOVE to sing and I think that music gets people together 🙂 So that’s the explanation of my blog name.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself 🙂

I am a nineteen year old girl who lives in the Netherlands (So if the english is a bit crap I’m Sorry!). I am in college at the moment, where I study to be a teacher in primary schools (still three years to go). But my goal is to become a teacher in secondary schools. I love music and arts and I have lessons in piano, but as I said before I also love to sing. I am totally into makeup 🙂 and I love watching YouTube.

Well I think I will stop right here for now. I will explain a lot more about myself and my interest in my next blog. I hope you liked my first ever blog (even though I know I’m gonna regret it when I will read it back in the future xD).

But for now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x