College started, Drama started

Last monday I had my first day of college again after the summer vacation. I’m in my fourth and last year now, so hopefully I will gratuade at the end of this school year. When I came to college on monday, I wasn’t even there for fifthteen minutes or drama started again. I always manage to get in between people and I’m just the one who listens, but it gets pretty shit when you are in between and don’t know what to believe anymore. Especially from one person. I am also the one that then feels guilty for knowing al the stuff and not being able to tell about it. But I know that I can’t keep it in, so I told one of the two people everything what I heard from both of them and now I feel like I’ve picked a side, but I didn’t and it is al so confusing. I always ask myself why I am always the one that gets in between. Maybe because I am a good listener or maybe because I am one to not pick sides. But then again I told one of the two everything that happened and was told, so am I then picking a side? 

The only thing I now for sure is that I am really confused, college is already stressing again and I told everything to the person I trused the most out of the two at this moment. But there isn’t even a week gone by without drama. 

I hope that everything will fall into place this year and that everyone can be with eachother again. 

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x

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