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It is autumn and I am not entirely sure if it is something I am happy about. In the Netherlands, autumn is a lot of rain and that is something I do not like at all. But there are also a lot of things that I absolutely love about autumn.

I love that the weather is getting colder so I can wear my scarfs and cosy clothes. I also really like the change of colour in nature. In the summer everything is green and bright and in autumn everything will still be bright, but it is a more cosy bright. with all the brown, red, orange and yellow colours. I also like that I can wear some darker lipsticks again. Always staying a girl who likes makeup (;. If you wear dark colours in the summer a lot of people will think it is weird. Ofcourse that shouldn’t be a thing why you would not wear darker colours, but for me personally I do not feel comfortable enough to wear darker colours in the summer. Another thing that I like about autumn is that there are holidays. You have Halloween in october and in a part of the Netherlands you have a holiday called Sint Maarten that is on november 11th (If you want to know what that is click the link to watch a whole blog about it: Sint Maarten ~ 11 November). Last but not least, one of the things that I really like about autumn is that you can make your home cosy, with blankets and little lights and candles etc. It just always gives me that feeling of warmth and comfortableness. Like nothing can get you down, because when you have a bad day there will be a home waiting for you to get a blanket, put some lights and candles on and just enjoy the peacefulness that is in the house.

So if I think about it.. apart from the terrible rain here in the Netherlands, autumn is a pretty awesome season, with a lot of nice things in it!

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Some time ago now I came across a letter on the internet. It is by far the most amazing, genius and emotional letter I have ever read. I think this letter can inspire so many of you. It inspired and still inspires me to see the positive things through the dark.

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Lately I have been struggling with the fact of who my true friends are. And when I saw this on pinterest I thought that it was perfectly honest. You should not be proud of the fact that you have twenty friends if you can’t trust them. At this moment I would say I have four friends. Eventhough only at college I have a ‘friendgroup’ of five with me in it six and three of them I can’t even call friends at the moment and that sucks big time. I have one friend I can truly trust and I have two friends out of college that are my besties since I was thirteen. But it really sucks that the friends I used to have are still in my friendgroup but aren’t people I can consider as friends at this moment. They changed so much over the years and at first I didn’t mind. I know that people can change and I know that I should allow change because it is what people do. But now I am at a time of place where I do not like there change anymore. Where I am irritated all the time when I am near them. I hope that they will change a bit back, so I can see and consider them as friends again. But at this moment it isn’t possible for me anymore. 

They maybe change, but I am not going to change myself for them. I won’t do that. 

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I don’t read books to get smart

A couple of weeks ago I found a sentence on the internet that said: ‘I don’t read books to get smart. I read books to escape reality’. I didn’t know, at the time, why I liked that sentence so much, but something made me not want to forget it. And after some time I actually found out that it was because it is really why I read most of the time. I do not like to read books because it will make me smart or at least smarter. I read books because it is a way of escaping reality. Escaping all your responsibilities for a while. A time where there are now worries, or things that really need to be done. Because you are in an completely different world, where there is no such thing a chores that you need to do or things that you need to get done. I think that that is also why I love reading so much, because it gives me some time to relax and do nothing but enjoy the totally different world I am in at that moment.

Reading it actually a pretty good stress reliever. If you can read for yourself and having a book that can take you to your ‘better’ other world!

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College started, Drama started

Last monday I had my first day of college again after the summer vacation. I’m in my fourth and last year now, so hopefully I will gratuade at the end of this school year. When I came to college on monday, I wasn’t even there for fifthteen minutes or drama started again. I always manage to get in between people and I’m just the one who listens, but it gets pretty shit when you are in between and don’t know what to believe anymore. Especially from one person. I am also the one that then feels guilty for knowing al the stuff and not being able to tell about it. But I know that I can’t keep it in, so I told one of the two people everything what I heard from both of them and now I feel like I’ve picked a side, but I didn’t and it is al so confusing. I always ask myself why I am always the one that gets in between. Maybe because I am a good listener or maybe because I am one to not pick sides. But then again I told one of the two everything that happened and was told, so am I then picking a side? 

The only thing I now for sure is that I am really confused, college is already stressing again and I told everything to the person I trused the most out of the two at this moment. But there isn’t even a week gone by without drama. 

I hope that everything will fall into place this year and that everyone can be with eachother again. 

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Italy – day 24 – september 3rd 2017

We woke up at seven and we had breakfast at eight. After that we took everything back to the car and we went on our way again. This time actually going home. We stopped about three times on our travel. When we were in my hometown again we bought a take away and went home. We were back home at eight o’clock in the evening. We had dinner and after that we got everything out of the car into our home. After that we didn’t do much anymore. I went to bed early, because tomorrow I need to be at school again at a quarter past nine in the morning. 

I had an amazing vacation and if I could I would do it all over again. I didn’t want to leave and I still feel the same. This was probably my best vacation so far. I geniouly LOVED every single thing of it! So if you are looking for a land to go in holiday I would definatly recommend it! 



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