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A bit more than a month ago, I got an email from My Trending Stories. They told me in that email that they saw my blog and liked it a lot. In that email they asked me if I wanted to have an account on their site and post blog posts on there. At first I was a bit hesitant and I did not know if I wanted to do that. I also had a lot of questions about it. Of course it was amazing to hear from another site that they liked my blog, but I wanted to completely sure if it was something I wanted to do.

So I went on a little investigation. And I found out what their site was like and who they were. I also emailed them back with some questions about general stuff, what they expected from me, who they exactly were etc.

After I got an email back with every question answered, I was pretty sure that I wanted to take the gamble and start an account there.

So now I have also a blog on My Trending Stories.

First I thought I would just blog here on and then have a little bit of the blog on My Trending Stories referring to here if people wanted to read the whole blog. But now I came to the conclusion that I will also post other blogs on there to.

So I will be posting a blog here every Sunday, and then I will post a bit of it on My Trending Stories saying that if people want to read the whole blog the can read it here. But I will also post different blog posts on My Trending Stories once in a while.

So if you want to also read blogs of mine on My Trending Stories then I have a link right here: Just type in the search bar sozing and you can read the blog posts I have put on there.

I will have two blogs from now on. I won’t stop here and this will stay my main focus at the moment. My trending stories will be a site blog at the moment. But I am really excited to have two different blogs.

Hopefully I have informed you enough and understandable.

(This Sunday I will have a blog on My Trending Stories saying Hello to the World and I will tell how I started blogging to where I am now!)

For now I sign off.

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Harry Potter tag Part two

This blog is a week to late, but I hope you still like it as much as the last one.

Here is part two of the Harry Potter tag!

ϟ Which house would you be in?

I really wouldn’t to be completely honest. I am not really a daredevil so Gryffindor wouldn’t be it. I am not always hounest and loyal so Hufflepuf wouldn’t be it either. I than need to choose between Ravenclaw and Slytherin and I actually think I have qualities of both. So if I need to choose I would choose for the house I like the most and that would be Slytherin (but I think that was already a visible answer because of my previous answers).

ϟ Would you rather buy an owl, a cat, a rat or a toad?

I’d buy an owl. An owl is the only animal that is useful. An owl can be used to send messages and packages. All the other animals do not have that quality. Plus I do not like rats and toads, so then a cat would remain and cats are outgoing animals. I wouldn’t want that, because I would be worrying all the time.

ϟ What would be your favorite subject: potions, charms, divination or defence against the dark arts?

Potions. I like the fact that a potion is a substance that has magic without a wand. I know that there are potions in the HP series that require a wand to make. But when it is finished you do not need your wand anymore and I like that about potions.

ϟ If you could meet one person out of the cast who would it be?

This question is actually the last one I am answering right now from this blog. I just find it a really hard question. I would like to meet more if I could. But if I really need to choose out of all of them I would meet Tom Felton, because Draco Malfoy is just my favorite character in the books.

ϟ Have you played any of the Harry Potter video games?

Yes. I have two PC games from HP. Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone and Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban. I loved both games and I played them loads of times. When I look at the games now I can see how much technology has changed and I like the fact that I played a game as old as that one is.

ϟ If you would be in a quidditch team, which position would you have/ like to have?

I think I would be a beater, chaser or seeker. I like all three the positions and out of the three I do not have a favorite. I would already be happy if I could have one of those positions.

ϟ Favorite quote in the series?

My favorite quote would be:


I like this quote, because it has a true meaning and it isn’t as known as some other Harry Potter quotes.

ϟ Were you happy with the end?

I was happy with the end. But it also made me curious about what happened between those nineteen years. But overall I am happy with the end. It is a nice ending for such a book series.

ϟ How much does Harry Potter mean to you?

Well it means much to me in terms of reading. When I found out about the books of Harry Potter I was sold to it and read them a lot. It also made me want to read a lot of other books to.

But it is not that Harry Potter has changed my whole life around. The books are really nice and I would defiantly not want to change it for anything different but it hasn’t put my life upside down in a way that it means so much to me.

That was the complete Harry Potter tag.

Hope you liked it!

For now I sign off.

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Harry Potter tag Part one


People that know me really well, know that I absolutely LOVE the Harry Potter books and films. So when I found the Harry Potter tag I immediately thought it would be a perfect tag for my blog. The tag itself was a bit long so I decided to make a one and a part two. Also staying in the spirit of Potter with the last to films.So here it goes, part one!hp_2.png

ϟ What is your favorite book?

That is already a hard question, because first of all they are all really good. Second thing is that it is a while ago that I read the books, because I need to read a lot of children’s books for college. So at this moment I can not give you a good answer to that. But if I need to choose right now I would choose Harry Potter and the Halfblood prince, because I really like the development of the story. It is really the beginning of the end. And all the characters are developing more as well.

There will be a Book club Blog in the future, where I will tell let you see some books that I love. I will defiantly put my favorite HP book in it.

ϟ What is your favorite film?

My favorite film is Harry Potter and the Halfblood prince. I really like this film because you get the feeling that the end is coming. That the war is going to really start and I like that feeling, that adrenaline rush that you get from it. It is also the film where you see a lot more emotion by the characters and I really like that, because that makes you change your mind about some of the characters. So yeah Halfblood prince it is.

ϟ Less favorite book?

My less favorite book would be Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban if I needed to choose now. I also have it with the films, that that one is my least favorite. It is only because of the end, because in my opinion the end get a bit wordy. I just do not like the part when they go back in time. Because of that it is a less favorite book of mine.

ϟ Books or parts of the books that made you cry?

I do not actually have a part in Harry Potter that made me cry to be honest. I only got a bit of ‘watery’ eyes when you finally find out that Draco Malfoy needs to do things he really doesn’t want to. I personally wouldn’t have coped with the stress it gave him. So I have empathy for that.

ϟ If you could have a relationship with one of the Harry Potter characters, who would it be?

It maybe sounds weird, but I would want to have a relationship with Draco Malfoy. Firstly, because I think he deserves a bit more love in his life. In the end of the film series you see a totally different person develop. Someone who isn’t bad at all and just wants to have a normal life. And I actually admire that. I think that there is an awesome personality behind the mask he has. And of course also because of look. You can say a lot about him, but you can’t deny that Draco Malfoy is a handsome man Smirking Face Emoji (Apple/iOS Version).

ϟ Favorite character?

Well that questions must have been answered with the previous question. Can’t deny it my favorite character is Draco Malfoy, because his change in behaviour is the biggest and the best in my opinion.

ϟ Less favorite character?

I don’t have to think about that one for long. Defiantly Umbridge. I’d rather have her die then Voldemort and that is a true meaning. She is such an evil character that comes away with literally everything. I really hated her through the books and films. She is the example of pure evil. Umbridge needs to go.

ϟ What would be your Patronus?

I literally wouldn’t know. But if I look at my own personality I would say a snake. I am a pretty quiet person, but when people do something I do not like or say things that aren’t true, I will be going at them and sometimes a bit to cruel. I think a snake does the same thing. If you do something a snake doesn’t like it will get you. Plus the fact that there are aggressive and non-aggressive snakes and I think I am a mixture between both. So I think in that way a snake, but I am not completely sure.

ϟ If you could have the resurrection stone, invisibility cloak or the elder wand, which one would you choose?

I would choose the elder wand. I never liked the resurrection stone and I am not a really big fan of the invisibility cloak to be honest. I would love to have a wand that is super powerful. The feeling you will get of total saveness gives me a soothing feeling.

That was part one of the Harry Potter hope you liked it!

For now I sign off.

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Opposites attract

A lot of the time you hear the sentence ‘opposites attract’. And in a lot of things that is true. But is it always true?

There is Yin and Yang, good and bad, black and white etc.

I once heard that stars need the dark to shine. And when I heard that and it started to sink in a bit, I realised that it was true. When there isn’t darkness there are no visible stars, because stars shine in the dark. Until now, on this day, I still think of that sentence or saying when something bad is happening. Stars need the dark to shine. So maybe opposites do attract. Light and dark are opposite but they need each other to work out.

But then I think about us as humans and I get the question in my head: “Does the sentence opposites attract really do reflect on us?” Do we as humans live on the opposites attract sentence?

I do not think we do.

Because I strongly believe that in every human is good and bad, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark. A human does not only exist out of good or bad. You will always have both. I think that the side you act on is what matters. I think that (what we call them) bad people are not truly bad. I think that something must have happened in the past that makes them act that way. But I also think the exact same thing about people who can only be ‘good’. I truely hate it when people never have anything bad to say about something or someone. There will always be something you do not like or someone you do not like and I think it is healthy if you complain about that once in a while. Always living with the thought that everything is good isn’t healthy.

That also makes me think that it isn’t true that opposites attract relationship wise. I think that everyone has a connection and I do not believe that there are opposite humans in the world. Because when you are in a relationship with someone who is totally different you or the other person will in my opinion change with you or the other person. I think that opposites can attract but that you both will change so that you won’t be the opposites anymore. And my question then will be: “Is it then really true that opposites attract?”

So I think that a lot of things are connected and a lot of things can be placed in opposites attract. But I do not think that sentence can be placed by humans.


For now I sign off.

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I had a really fun day yesterday.

I went shopping in Germany: Oberhausen with my sister and her boyfriend. I woke up early in the morning and was On the train at 07.25. I was in the place my sister and her boyfriend live at 09.00. We went to their home first and left to Germany in the car half an hour later. Oberhausen was about a one and a half hour drive. When we came in Oberhausen we first went to a Starbucks. After that we started shopping. I bought a red/brownish nail polish, a shirt, a skinny jean and lots of lush. I love lush and I am not a good person to take to lush because if I could I would have bought everything. (I will make a blog about lush in the hear future). We had some lunch and shopped further. In the evening we had dinner in an eating place in Oberhausen. After dinner we decided to go back home. When we were back in the Netherlands we first went back to my sisters and boyfriends home. At half past eight I went back home with the train. I was back at home around half past ten.

The fun part about Oberhausen is that it is a very big mall with lots of different stores. You can shop a whole day there. It is also all inside and that is nice when you want to shop a whole day when it is rainy.

For now I sign off.

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