Lately I have been struggling with the fact of who my true friends are. And when I saw this on pinterest I thought that it was perfectly honest. You should not be proud of the fact that you have twenty friends if you can’t trust them. At this moment I would say I have four friends. Eventhough only at college I have a ‘friendgroup’ of five with me in it six and three of them I can’t even call friends at the moment and that sucks big time. I have one friend I can truly trust and I have two friends out of college that are my besties since I was thirteen. But it really sucks that the friends I used to have are still in my friendgroup but aren’t people I can consider as friends at this moment. They changed so much over the years and at first I didn’t mind. I know that people can change and I know that I should allow change because it is what people do. But now I am at a time of place where I do not like there change anymore. Where I am irritated all the time when I am near them. I hope that they will change a bit back, so I can see and consider them as friends again. But at this moment it isn’t possible for me anymore. 

They maybe change, but I am not going to change myself for them. I won’t do that. 

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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