I don’t read books to get smart

A couple of weeks ago I found a sentence on the internet that said: ‘I don’t read books to get smart. I read books to escape reality’. I didn’t know, at the time, why I liked that sentence so much, but something made me not want to forget it. And after some time I actually found out that it was because it is really why I read most of the time. I do not like to read books because it will make me smart or at least smarter. I read books because it is a way of escaping reality. Escaping all your responsibilities for a while. A time where there are now worries, or things that really need to be done. Because you are in an completely different world, where there is no such thing a chores that you need to do or things that you need to get done. I think that that is also why I love reading so much, because it gives me some time to relax and do nothing but enjoy the totally different world I am in at that moment.

Reading it actually a pretty good stress reliever. If you can read for yourself and having a book that can take you to your ‘better’ other world!

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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