Rainy Days

Today is one of those days that are pretty dreadful. It already rains the whole day. It is grey outside and I am wishing that I could see the sun once today. It is also a sunday and a sunday means that tomorrow will be busy. I have my apprentenship on Mondays and Tuesdays and they are always fun but it is also exhausting.

So today isn’t really the best of days.

These last months of the year are also always busy and exhausting because of all the birthdays, two dutch celebrations and of course christmas. Those celebrations make my internship also extremely busy and at college it also means it is busier.

This all makes it pretty stressful and I notice it a lot. I have so much stress. And I notice by myself that I want to do everything in perfection and that also results in stress. A lot of my friends already told me that not everything has to be perfect and that I shouldn’t be so critical to myself. But that is just something that happens when I get stressed.

I just need to learn to see a cloudy, rainy, grey day as something that will eventually go away. I need to learn that stress will go away at some point.

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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