My Trending Stories

A bit more than a month ago, I got an email from My Trending Stories. They told me in that email that they saw my blog and liked it a lot. In that email they asked me if I wanted to have an account on their site and post blog posts on there. At first I was a bit hesitant and I did not know if I wanted to do that. I also had a lot of questions about it. Of course it was amazing to hear from another site that they liked my blog, but I wanted to completely sure if it was something I wanted to do.

So I went on a little investigation. And I found out what their site was like and who they were. I also emailed them back with some questions about general stuff, what they expected from me, who they exactly were etc.

After I got an email back with every question answered, I was pretty sure that I wanted to take the gamble and start an account there.

So now I have also a blog on My Trending Stories.

First I thought I would just blog here on and then have a little bit of the blog on My Trending Stories referring to here if people wanted to read the whole blog. But now I came to the conclusion that I will also post other blogs on there to.

So I will be posting a blog here every Sunday, and then I will post a bit of it on My Trending Stories saying that if people want to read the whole blog the can read it here. But I will also post different blog posts on My Trending Stories once in a while.

So if you want to also read blogs of mine on My Trending Stories then I have a link right here: Just type in the search bar sozing and you can read the blog posts I have put on there.

I will have two blogs from now on. I won’t stop here and this will stay my main focus at the moment. My trending stories will be a site blog at the moment. But I am really excited to have two different blogs.

Hopefully I have informed you enough and understandable.

(This Sunday I will have a blog on My Trending Stories saying Hello to the World and I will tell how I started blogging to where I am now!)

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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