Harry Potter tag Part two

This blog is a week to late, but I hope you still like it as much as the last one.

Here is part two of the Harry Potter tag!

ϟ Which house would you be in?

I really wouldn’t to be completely honest. I am not really a daredevil so Gryffindor wouldn’t be it. I am not always hounest and loyal so Hufflepuf wouldn’t be it either. I than need to choose between Ravenclaw and Slytherin and I actually think I have qualities of both. So if I need to choose I would choose for the house I like the most and that would be Slytherin (but I think that was already a visible answer because of my previous answers).

ϟ Would you rather buy an owl, a cat, a rat or a toad?

I’d buy an owl. An owl is the only animal that is useful. An owl can be used to send messages and packages. All the other animals do not have that quality. Plus I do not like rats and toads, so then a cat would remain and cats are outgoing animals. I wouldn’t want that, because I would be worrying all the time.

ϟ What would be your favorite subject: potions, charms, divination or defence against the dark arts?

Potions. I like the fact that a potion is a substance that has magic without a wand. I know that there are potions in the HP series that require a wand to make. But when it is finished you do not need your wand anymore and I like that about potions.

ϟ If you could meet one person out of the cast who would it be?

This question is actually the last one I am answering right now from this blog. I just find it a really hard question. I would like to meet more if I could. But if I really need to choose out of all of them I would meet Tom Felton, because Draco Malfoy is just my favorite character in the books.

ϟ Have you played any of the Harry Potter video games?

Yes. I have two PC games from HP. Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone and Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban. I loved both games and I played them loads of times. When I look at the games now I can see how much technology has changed and I like the fact that I played a game as old as that one is.

ϟ If you would be in a quidditch team, which position would you have/ like to have?

I think I would be a beater, chaser or seeker. I like all three the positions and out of the three I do not have a favorite. I would already be happy if I could have one of those positions.

ϟ Favorite quote in the series?

My favorite quote would be:


I like this quote, because it has a true meaning and it isn’t as known as some other Harry Potter quotes.

ϟ Were you happy with the end?

I was happy with the end. But it also made me curious about what happened between those nineteen years. But overall I am happy with the end. It is a nice ending for such a book series.

ϟ How much does Harry Potter mean to you?

Well it means much to me in terms of reading. When I found out about the books of Harry Potter I was sold to it and read them a lot. It also made me want to read a lot of other books to.

But it is not that Harry Potter has changed my whole life around. The books are really nice and I would defiantly not want to change it for anything different but it hasn’t put my life upside down in a way that it means so much to me.

That was the complete Harry Potter tag.

Hope you liked it!

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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