Opposites attract

A lot of the time you hear the sentence ‘opposites attract’. And in a lot of things that is true. But is it always true?

There is Yin and Yang, good and bad, black and white etc.

I once heard that stars need the dark to shine. And when I heard that and it started to sink in a bit, I realised that it was true. When there isn’t darkness there are no visible stars, because stars shine in the dark. Until now, on this day, I still think of that sentence or saying when something bad is happening. Stars need the dark to shine. So maybe opposites do attract. Light and dark are opposite but they need each other to work out.

But then I think about us as humans and I get the question in my head: “Does the sentence opposites attract really do reflect on us?” Do we as humans live on the opposites attract sentence?

I do not think we do.

Because I strongly believe that in every human is good and bad, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark. A human does not only exist out of good or bad. You will always have both. I think that the side you act on is what matters. I think that (what we call them) bad people are not truly bad. I think that something must have happened in the past that makes them act that way. But I also think the exact same thing about people who can only be ‘good’. I truely hate it when people never have anything bad to say about something or someone. There will always be something you do not like or someone you do not like and I think it is healthy if you complain about that once in a while. Always living with the thought that everything is good isn’t healthy.

That also makes me think that it isn’t true that opposites attract relationship wise. I think that everyone has a connection and I do not believe that there are opposite humans in the world. Because when you are in a relationship with someone who is totally different you or the other person will in my opinion change with you or the other person. I think that opposites can attract but that you both will change so that you won’t be the opposites anymore. And my question then will be: “Is it then really true that opposites attract?”

So I think that a lot of things are connected and a lot of things can be placed in opposites attract. But I do not think that sentence can be placed by humans.


For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x




2 thoughts on “Opposites attract

  1. Thank you for reading my blog!! It always gives me a good feeling if people can get something out of my blogs.

    I liked the post you asked me to give my thoughts on. I think it is good that the blog is giving the reader new perspectives to look at relationships 🙂

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