I had a really fun day yesterday.

I went shopping in Germany: Oberhausen with my sister and her boyfriend. I woke up early in the morning and was On the train at 07.25. I was in the place my sister and her boyfriend live at 09.00. We went to their home first and left to Germany in the car half an hour later. Oberhausen was about a one and a half hour drive. When we came in Oberhausen we first went to a Starbucks. After that we started shopping. I bought a red/brownish nail polish, a shirt, a skinny jean and lots of lush. I love lush and I am not a good person to take to lush because if I could I would have bought everything. (I will make a blog about lush in the hear future). We had some lunch and shopped further. In the evening we had dinner in an eating place in Oberhausen. After dinner we decided to go back home. When we were back in the Netherlands we first went back to my sisters and boyfriends home. At half past eight I went back home with the train. I was back at home around half past ten.

The fun part about Oberhausen is that it is a very big mall with lots of different stores. You can shop a whole day there. It is also all inside and that is nice when you want to shop a whole day when it is rainy.

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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