In the summer holidays I went to a new zoo called Wildlands. It is a zoo in a place called Emmen. In the past they had a zoo in the middle of their centre, but now they have it on a new location and they made the zoo totally different from what it was.


When we (my mom and I) came into the zoo, it didn’t look very big, but when we looked at the map of the zoo we saw that it looked pretty big. There were three main parts in the zoo. Notica, Jungola and Serenga. IMG_0954.JPG

We decided that we would go to Notica first, because that part was the smallest and it would probably be pretty busy with people in the afternoon. When you walked into Nortica the first animals you saw were seals. After that we went into an attraction. It was a beautiful 4D film where you would see different things from the north pole. After that we went the part where the penguins were. When you walked a little bit further you came to the parts with the polar bears. We didn´t see any polar bears so that was a bit disappointing.

After Nortica, we went to Jungola. That wasn´t one of my favorites. When you go into Jungola you need to get through a butterfly temple and I seriously dislike butterflies. So I rushed through it to go out of the temple and the only thing I saw were some snakes at the beginning. and I saw in a flash an alligator. My mom said that there were stick insects to and that there were a couple more alligators. I personally think that it isn´t such a good thing to put that all in a butterfly temple, because people like me can´t see the other animals because they get freaked out by the butterflies. After the temple we went to another section where they had elephants. when we were past the elephants we went in like a big inside part where they had boats you could go in and lots of different animals. Also some elephants again. There were monkeys, birds and a tarantula. The only drawback was that it was extremely warm in the inside area and we needed to wait pretty long for the boats. It was also extra warm because on the day itself wa really warm. But the wait for the boat was worth it, because you see everything from a different point of view.


After Jungola we went to Serenga. Something totally different. When you come into that part it feels like you are in a totally different culture. The layout was really good. In the first part you had all kind of farm animals, for kids to pet the animals. After that we came by the prairie dogs. They were able to walk free and it was a really nice experience to walk between the dogs. After the prairie dogs we came by the hippopotamuses. We only could see one small head of a hippo, even though they had tons in their old zoo, where you always could see loads. I didn’t see other hippo’s elsewhere so that was not the greatest experience. After the hippo’s we came by the wallabies. We couldn´t actually see much and that wasn´t so nice but after some time I saw some wallabies. After the wallabies we saw lions. Also the lions weren´t very visible, but you could see them. Then after the lions you, came at the safari part. There were wild donkey’s, camels, giraffes, rhino’s, deers, ostriches, zebra’s and a lot more. There was also a loose section with meerkats and a loose section with baboons. We also went into the safari part with a car and it was really as amazing as a safari itself. But you could see the animals in a different point of view so that was nice.


In the part of Serenga there was one part with one aquarium with some fish and four soupturtles. Not really big. I personally thought there would be
more aquariums. And there was a tiny part with some naked mole rats.


After Serenga we went back to Nortica to look if we could see some polar bears now and they were there. We watched the polar bears and look into the norticashop.


After that we went back to the entrance to go home.

I had a really good day, but I thought I would have liked it more than I did in the end. I thought there would have been a lot more animals in the first place. A lot of animals that were in the old zoo were now gone and I personally think that is a bit of a pity. Also the butterfly temple as an entrance and almost not aquariums is a bit of a pity. I personally prefer the old zoo, but the new zoo is also a new experience and I think if they had a bit more animals it would have been better. But I also think that how they made the zoo in terms of buildings and layout is really good and every part in the zoo has its own unique thing and I think that is really good an amazing to see.

So overall I found the zoo a nice zoo to go to once, but I wouldn’t go to the same zoo for that amount of money again. I only would go there again if they decide to get more different kinds of animals that you can also actually see. But the layout and buildings were amazing to see.

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x




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