The 15 things no one ever asks tag

I found this blog-tag on the internet and I thought it was a really funny and odd tag to do on my blog. So here it goes… The 15 things no one ever asks tag.

Do you sleep with your closet-doors open or closed?

I do not have my closet in my own room. It is in the hallway, so I need to close the door every time I am done with it. So technically I sleep with the doors closed.

Do you take mini bottles of shampoo or something else with you from hotels?

To be honest I have never stayed in a hotel in my life. So for now, no. But maybe it will change one day (;

Did you ever stolen a street name sign?

Nope. Short bt truthful answer.

Do you use to-do lists?

YES! Plenty of to-do list. I think they are really helpful if everything gets a bit too much and it is too much to remember. I use to-do lists to get everything done on time and it helps me to clear my head.

Do you have freckles?

A tiny bit. You have to be really close to my face to actually see it.

Did you ever peed in the bushes?

Yes. I think everyone has as kids. Right?!

How big is your bed?

At the moment I have a one person bed that can be pulled out into a two persons bed. But that doesn’t fir in my bedroom, so I have it just as a one person bed.

Are you lazy?

Depends on the day. I can be really lazy, but I choose days when I want to be lazy and after one day I am ready again to do a ton of stuff again.

Is there anything that irritates you?

At the moment nothing really. But that is because i am writing this while I still have my holiday so there isn’t much to be irritated about. When I start college again I will get irritated plenty of times (;

Do you chew on pens and pencils?

Nope, Never have and probably never will. I am not really keen on people who chew on their pen or pencils.

Did you join the scouts when you were younger?

No. And I also never thought of it when I was young. Scouting is not really my cup of tea.

Do still sometimes watch cartoons?

I still watch cartoons regularly. I think there are getting more and more cartoons that are for older people, so it is something your going to watch more and more. Also if you have read my blog about series you will know that one of my favorite series is a cartoon.

Do you count the steps of the stairs?

No not anymore, but when I was younger I did it often.

Do you every dance when there is no music?

Yes! I just sing my self or play a song in my head and dance away.

Do you know how to check the oil level in the car?

No. I do not have my license yet and I am not really in to cars. So no I do not know.


These were the 15 questions no one ever asks. I thought some were pretty hilarious and I hope you liked it to. Likes and commends are always welcome (:

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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