Giving yourself hope is inner strength

In the darkest times,

hope is something

you give yourself.

That is the meaning

of inner strength.


When I was watching Avatar The Last Airbender again, I saw an episode where Iroh said this to Prince Zuko. Knowing that it is all fictional and not real, this sentence stayed in my mind for quite a long time and at one point I wrote it down.

I think that these couple of words have so much meaning in them, that it is hard to go around it. There is some much truth in it that it comes very close to yourself.

I think that everyone seeks hope for themself if they are having a dark time. That including me. When I do not feel well I always am going into the Hope stage. Something as simple as being doubtful about if you will succeed something like a test get me into the Hope stage. “I hope I pass my test. I hope to get at least a score of 55 out of 100 because then I passed it. If I do not pas it I hope to pas it the next time.”  But also when I am really not feeling well I tend to hope a lot. Hoping that the feeling(s) I have then will go away soon. Or hoping that everything will end up okay. That I do not lose to much of myself.

I always thought that hoping for yourself was a selfish thing to do. You shouldn’t hope for yourself. You should hope for others. But these words from above let me see that it is a power. It is the power of inner strength. Just like fear is also a superpower not something that makes you cruel or cowardly (Blog: Fear is a superpower). Hoping for yourself is thus not selfish. It is your power of inner strength and now I can see my hoping for myself very different. It give me a new positive vibe around it instead of negative and that is something that I will always cherish.

Avatar The Last Airbender may be fictional. You also learn a lot from it and that is why I love it.

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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