Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken


This quote sums up something I experienced a two times in my life and I hope that it will not happen often. I also hope that it will not happen a lot to yourself

When I went to secondary school eight years ago I had some friends from primary school in my new class. But after some time they started to change. The interest became a whole lot different than mine and it was hard to still be friends. Our world drifted from each other and we all just gave up at some time, because it was just better to part ways then to try to keep it together. I was thankful that I wasn’t someone who kept myself in one friend group, because when it went wrong and we got in a fight as a group, I had already new friends and I wasn’t alone. When another old friend from the group got out because of the differences, she didn’t have anyone and was alone for quite a while.

The  second time it happened was around four years ago. Since my second year of secondary school I had a new friend group with three besties. When we graduated we all got to different schools. My two friends went to college and my other friend and me got to another secondary school to do a harder level in school. But after some months she left school and also went to collage and live in another city because her home situations weren’t well. When that happened she also started to change. She became a totally different person. She got from a sporty girl to a more posh girl. When we wanted to arrange a day to shop or go to the movies or drink something she never wanted to come, because it was too expensive to come she said. But we already came with the three of us to her city a couple of times and that was way more expensive then for her to come to us. When we told her that we would split the price in four because we all thought that it wasn’t fair if she paid alone, she was still not up for it. I was the first one in the group to say that I was not going to try to maintain this friendship if she didn’t want to do anything about it. Then my other friend told her the same and we split as a friend group. My third friend still saw her a couple off times, but she also told us that she had changed big time and that she was done with it to.

My friendships with these people were like glass… very fragile. And when they finally broke, it was a sign for me that it was better to leave them broken instead of trying to put the pieces of glass back together and hurting myself in the process.

I still have two of my best friends left from the last friend group and I made other friends along the way of my school and college career and I am happy now with the friends I have.

I let some friendships break, but in the end it was for the best and I am actually glad I did, because now I have true friends around me that I won’t let down and they won’t let me down.

“Friendships and relationships in general are like glass…So very fragile..When they break..Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself by putting the pieces back together..””

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x




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