Rubber Duckies

First thing you will promodern-rubber-ducky2Pbably think is: “Why would I read a blog about rubber duckies?” Well I will tell you why, because I am doing a rubber duckie challenge!

When I had my last day of school this year, my art teacher gave us a presentation about rubber ducks. Everyone first thought what the hell?! Why is he telling us a story about
rubber ducks? But when he was done with his presentation everything made sense and it is actually a really funny a nice thing that we as students and teachers are going to do.

He began, like I just said, with a story about rubber ducks. The first person that invented the rubber duck, made a duck that couldn’t flow. So then they invented one that could flow. They are pretty much useless, but apparently people love them. Some people actually take it quite serious.

Rubber ducks are popular because of their simplicity and innocent image. There are loads of rubber ducks collectors around the world. There is even a Guinness book of records with the rubber ducks. In 2006 there was a person that had a record of having a collection of rubber ducks that exist of 2587 unique copies.

But rubber duckies are also used for charities. In the Netherlands and maybe also other countries there are rubber duck races. You adopt a rubber duck matchrubber duck or you sponsor a duck before the match. All the ducks get a number and are collected in one giant box. Then when the match starts, the ducks are released in the open water. The first rubber duck that
passes a marking point has won a price. The money from the adoption and sponsors is for charity. It is a really nice gesture, but environmental organizations are not to happy with it, because there are always going to be some rubber ducks that will not cross the marking point and that results in to rubber in the open enviroment, which isn’t so good.

There is also and artist called Florentijn Hofman, that has made a huge duck that can float on the water. Is can be controlled by human and the duck travels around the world. The duck can also deflate. florentijn hofman.jpg

And lately there are a lot of rubber duckies that go on a holiday. Like these ducks: Holiday in the mountains,ducky-badeendje-op-reis-foto-inspiratie-2-700x467

Holiday in the snow,rubber duck.pdf snow.jpg

Holiday on the beach etc.

rubber duck. beach.jpg

And then the challenge came from our teacher. Everyone got one rubber duck. And the challenge is to take the duck with you in the holiday weeks and find the most unique spot possible and take a photo or selfie from/with the duck. When you got a good photo, we need to send it to school and after the holiday we come back and we have a large collage from rubber duckies on unique places.

I thought that it was suck a fun and adventurous idea that I bought rubber duckies as my present for my group in my internship on my last day there. And I cave them all the same story as above and the same challenge.

This story and challenge really opened my eyes and let me see how much there is actually happening with rubber duckies all around the world even though it is not a really functional product. But if you put a challenge with it, the products gets instantly more exited.

Maybe after this blog you will buy a rubber duckie and do the challenge for yourself or with a group of friends. I hope you do because it will give you a great and fun adventurous time and I also personally think that it will give your surroundings a whole other look, because now you are looking for a most unique spot, so modern-rubber-ducky2Pyou will look more detailed to the environment that you are in. I most certainly do!

And just a fun fact: In the Netherlands the name for duck is eend. When you have the end the last four letters are making the word eend which is duck (;

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Quaking x


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