Don’t die before you’re dead

I once heard someone on the television say the sentence:

Don’t die before you’re dead

And when you think about it, this person it totally right.

Why are there people dying before they are even dead?

Sometimes I caught myself on thinking that some things are just impossible to achieve. That I better can let it go and stop doing something about it. Or just thinking why would I do it? I will not make it anyway, so why getting all your energy into to it when it is not even worth it.

I also often see people around me thinking some same thoughts. I think this thought will only get in your mind more often as you become older.

And when I heard that sentence I thought, if I am thinking like this already now as I am twenty years old, how will I be when I am like fifty or ‘worse’ seventy? Why am I now already dying before I am even dead.

I think those couple of seconds on the television, hearing that sentence, made me open my eyes and made me see that I need to stop thinking like this. I need to make my life a fun experience and I need to take action if I want to achieve things, even if they do not seem possible at the moment. I need to put energy in those things. I need to live.

And now that I have that sentence in mind, I start to do more things that I thought weren’t possible before. And let me tell you, if you have the right mindset everything will be a lot easier as they seem. And you will not die.

You will not die before you’re dead. You will live before you die!

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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