TT festival

This week we had a TT festival in the Netherlands. It is a motorcycle festival, but before the real races there are nights in the city with loads of music stages, a fair and some motorcycle activities.

Every year there are also coming a lot of people from other countries to this motorcycle festival, so maybe you know what I am talking about and maybe you’ve already been there once or even this year.

I am already going to the festival since I was like 7 or 8 years old. When we were younger we came in the beginning of the evening and when we got older we got in the city later and later and now I am going myself.

Best part of this festival…. You do not have to pay to get in!

This year it started on Wednesday and it ends on Sunday. The races on the course are on Saturday and Sunday.


I went into town on Wednesday and on Thursday. The first day I went with my sister and the second day I went with friends. It was a lot of fun and there was loads of cool music to hear and dance on. From dutch music til Rammstein til Queen. So lots of variety to suit everyone’s needs.

They have a site TTfestivalSITE where you can find all the information every year from the festival. They have a nice schedule timetable TT festival so that you can see when and where people are playing music. This way it is easy to scan the things you really want to see/ go to. They also have a nice picture of where every stage is. Like this one. It is really easy to find the stage you need to go to for the music you want to hear.Plattegrond

With my sister I went to Hooked on Red and Mooi Wark. Hooked on Red is a cover band that covers loads of different types of genres and songs. Mooi Wark is a dutch band from the Province I live in. I am not a big fan from dutch music, but when you are at a festival like this, you just get carried away by the vibe that surrounds you and then the songs are just as nice as a song you normally really like. We also went to the fair to end the beautiful night, even though it was already the next day because we were home at 1.30AM.

Woensdag 1
Hooked on Red

On Thursday I went to a band calles Papa di Grazzi and they are similar to Hooked on Red, but Papa di Grazzi is more known and I personally think that they are a better band then Hooked on Red. We’ve been there for almost the whole night. We did a quick round through the city and the fair and after that we came back to Papa di Grazzi. In the break from Papa di Grazzi we say and danced on the music from a person that calls himself snolle bollekkes. A typical dutch thing that is nice and good music when you are in the vibe of a festival. So it is an  act that shouldn’t come to early in the evening and gladly it didn’t. snolle bollekes cam at 1.00AM and ended at about 1.30 AM. I was home that morning at 2.30AM, but I had a really good time and I would gladly do it over.

I didn’t went on Friday and Saturday for a couple of reasons. One being that most of the times when there are already two night done, there will be more drunk people which leads to more fights and I personally do not want to be a part in that. The second thing will be that there isn’t actually any music that I really want to go to, that I would like. There were a lot of more metal band the last two nights and that is not really my music taste.

But I have had two great night and I loved every bit of it. It was a nice stress reliever and I wouldn’t have missed it for a bit.

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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