Getting away from the world

Sorry for the late post. I had a nice relaxing day and I forgot to upload it. But her it is now. Enjoy!


Getting away from the world is something I wish I could do on a regular basis. Just completely getting out of this upcoming busy society and just relax and do the things I want to do without checking the time.

completely getting lost in the thing you want to do most. That would be awesome.

But there is no way you can do that on a regular basis if you don’t know how to. But I have a view things that will get me that uncontrolled time. That little space for myself to relax and get away from this world.

The first thing is music. I love to just listen to music. Closing my eyes and getting lost in it. But also singing songs are getting me to that place of rest and relaxations.

I also notice from myself that if I have a lot off stress, I start to play music to get out frustration and trying to get more at peace again. I just want some time for myself and let the music flow out of me. Playing piano is the prior on and guitar the second.


But not only music helped me getting away from the world for a while. If I have a book that I totally love, I just start to read and forget the time. I can always picture a whole scenery in front off me from the story of the book and I completely dive in to it. Forgetting that there is a busy society around me.

I think that it is important to get away from the world on a regular basis. It allows you to do something that you normally wouldn’t do because there isn’t enough time or people are around you and keep telling you to do things you need to do first. But I think that doing things can be much more efficient if you are taking some time for yourself once in a while. Because everyone needs some self-time.

I would say, try it out and maybe it will  help you to with stress or anything else that is bothering you. Just take some time for just yourself and no one else.

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zining x


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