New years resolutions?

(If you haven’t read my blog new years resolutions: Click here , because otherwise you might not understand what this blog is about) (:

Well to be very short: My new years resolutions are not as easy as they sound.

I failed to read a question every week from my book and I also failed to read a quote everyday from Demi Lovato her book. I just forget it and I do not like to catch up, because then you will forget the ones you’ve read first.

But I kept up my blog. I had some weeks with no blog, but I did some extra on my holiday, so keeping my blog up and posting regularly can be ticked of the list.

And the last resolution was to keep on writing my story. Well it took some time, but I started again and I am trying to make my chapters longer each time, because the first ones are really short. I will make those longer soon and I have been starting to write more chapters.

So I have said to myself to ditch the reading resolutions and keep up the writing resolutions. So I will continue to keep on wrting my story and my blogs.

I’ve got a lot off ideas for next blogs so there won’t be any gaps in my blog posting soon!

I hope that you are still able to keep your resolutions up, because I did it terribly wrong.

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x



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