Fear is a superpower

This is just a dream.      

Very clever people can hear dreams.

So please, just listen…

I know you’re afraid…

… Being afraid is alright.

Because didn’t anyone tell you?

Fear is a superpower.

Fear can make you faster       and cleverer        and stronger.

And one day…

… You’re gonna come back to this place.

And on that day…

… You’re going to be very afraid indeed.

But that’s okay.

Because if you’re very wise…

And very strong…

… Fear doesn’t have to make you

cruel or cowardly.

Fear can make you kind.

I saw this on the internet a couple of day’s ago and I think it is such and inspirational story. People are afraid to be feared, but fear does make you cleverer and stronger and wiser. Fear is not something you can just hide away forever. Fear does not make you a coward or make you someone that is cruel. Fear can make you better and I personally also think just like this story that fear can be a superpower if you are able to see it as one.

Make something you fear your own superpower. Make yourself wiser by attacking it. Make yourself cleverer by confronting it and make yourself stronger by owning it.

Fear is just something in the a human beings head. It is something our brains sees as wrong and needed to be feared, but that is not the case. Fear can be turned around. Everything mentally can be turned around, but you need to work on it and give it time. And you will be afraid indeed when you are facing and confronting yourself with it. But if you keep facing it, you will one day be able you own it and stop seeing it as a fear.

Fear is a superpower

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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