20years old

Yesterday may 14th it was my birthday and I became twenty years old.

I had my family around the house and got a nice amount of money from my family. I am saving for a set of hardcover Harry Potter books, because there just the classics and I think everyone should have them. We only have the dutch ones in paperback form but I like hardcovers and english ones better.

I also got a bottle of wine from my uncle. And I also got a little basket with five different brands of energy in them from my brother, which I found hilarious when he gave it to me, because he told me that he walked to every store nearby in al of his breakes at school to get them for me.

Tonight my grandparents are coming. They don’t like it to be in a lot of noise, so they always come another time which is tonigt.

I had a wonderful birthday and I am now officialy out of the teen years. Twenty years old sound like a milestone when you come out of your teens eventhough in a lifetime it is pretty young.

I just realized that I need to change my age by the page About me xD

But for now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x



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