The end…

It is now officialy the end of my holiday. I start again today with school and let the holiday behind me. I loved every single bit of my holiday and I am really glad that I started this blog almost a year ago. I noticed that I really loved it to write about my experiences and share it with you. I never really liked a diary because you keep it all for yourself and you do not share it and now that I can share and write, I totally love it. And not to forget that I will always have this with me. I can not lose it easily and I can always read it back and think about the amazing time I have had in Denmark.

There will be new blogposts every Sunday as it always was. So no extra blogs and no blogs that are holiday related, until I will be having a holiday again xD

It is not a long blog this time, but there will be a amazing new one! I don’t know if it will be sunday or monday when the blog goes online, because it is my BIRTHDAY saturday !!! (: 

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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