Day 6 Denmark

Today was a very nice and sunny day. I didn’t even need a jacket, so that was really good!

We left at half past ten an arrived just outside of a plce called Ribe at half past eleven. We went to a Viking village. It was really cool to see how the Vikings lived back in history. There were houses and tents and lots of animales. There was also a program with al kinds of shows like music. Not to forget that there were also little stands where you could buy different Viking things, like pottery, jewelery etc.

After the Viking town we went into the town Ribe. I have been there before and it is a old town with old houses and cobblestone streets. Not to forget the best ice cream parlour ever! So we totally bought an ice cream there. 

                                            After Ribe we went back home and relaxed a bit. Then we had dinner. After dinner my dad, mom and I went to the beach in Henne. And after the beach we drove around a little in the car. Then we got home and relaxed again.  That was pretty much my day (: 

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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