Day 2 Denmark

I had a relaxing day today. I woke up at eight o’ clock and took a shower. After that I had breakfast at nine o’ clock. 

After breakfast me and my family went to the beach and a little town right next to the beach called Henne. We first got into the town and looked in all the little shops. It was all pretty expensive, but that was a logical, because it is a town right next to the beach so there is a lot of tourism. And Denmark is a pretty expensive country.

After looking in the shops we took a walk at the beach. The nice smell of sea and the wind blowing in my hair. It was also a really nice day with the sun shining bright. Perfect weather for walking at the sea. When I got back I had lunch and after that we just chilled out a bit. We walked a little around in the park and after that me and my sister played some games. 

After dinner me and my family took another walk to the park shop, where they also have big bouncers, so my sister and I bounced a while on the bouncers. Then we went back to the holiday house and now I am here again writing this blog (:

I have decided to write a blog every day this holiday. So you will have a blog post every day for a whole week! 

I also hope that I can take lots of photo’s to put in the blog posts.

But for now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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