Day 1 Denmark

Today april 30th 2016, was the first day from my holiday to Denmark. It was mainly traveling to the final destination, but we are here!

We began with our journey at five o’ clock. Not because it was such a long way, but otherwise we would have been in a trafficjam and that was something we wanted to avoid. We drove for a couple hours and took our first stop at eight o’ clock. Then we drove more hours and took stops between the hours. When we arrived we got the key to the house very quickly, so that was nice. When we came to the house we saw that it was little, but cute. It has a big living space with an open kitchen lined against it. Then there are three other rooms. One big room and two smaller rooms. I share one of the smaller rooms with my brother.

When everything was packed away, we decided to do some  grocery shopping. After that we made dinner and took some time to rest after dinner. Then we all did a game together, and now I am writing this blog of day one Denmark (:
                         So yeah that was basically day one of my Denmark holiday!

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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