Yes it has finally arrived. One week totally free. I made a promise to myself to have a school free and a none stressfull week. I am also going on a holiday with my family to Denmark. When you will read this I will already be there (: I am so excited!! We have planned to go to the beach everyday in the evenings. And we are going back to the places we haven’t been in ages. I have already been to Denmark a lot of times, but we took a view gap years and now we are going back to the place we have been to when we got to Denmark for the first time when I was five years old. 

We are also having a day where we are going to Legoland Billund. The last time I was there I think I was eight or nine, so ten or eleven years ago. I am pretty excited to go there and see if it is still a lot of fun. 

We are also going to a place called Blavand. In this town is a candy factory and a place where you can make your own candles. And we are also planning on going to a place called Ribe. It is an old Viking town with an amazing old historical look to it. Something you just have to see when you near by it in Danmark.
I also think I will be uploading more blogpost when I am on holiday, because there is a lot more to tell then isn’t it!?! (:

But for now I sign off.

I will see you again when I am in Denmark.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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