Don’t wait for the storm

First of all… Hello!!!

I am officially back with a blog every sunday. It took a few weeks but I am less stressed and I have the time again to write!! So here is the blog for this BlogSunday (:


Don’t wait for the storm to pass, Learn how to dance in the rain.


How many times are there people (including me) that are avoiding trouble. We just take a big walk around it and we are trying not to touch it. But that is not always good and I found out about that at the beginning of this school year.

A lot of things weren’t going as planned and I started to take action. I slowly started to learn how to dance in the rain. I tried to make from every bad thing a good thing. Seeing something positive in every bad thing is a hard thing to do. But trying is a start isn’t it!?!

Since I started trying seeing something positive in everything that happens, I started to feel less stressed and more comfortable and happy. And the things that I couldn’t see positive, I started to take action in making it positive and trying to change it into something that I can see positive.

I think it is important to learn that every bad thing will change into something good and if that is not the case that you can make it good by yourself.

I also think that this is very inspirational quote, because every person can relate to it. And everyone can also adjust it into their own lives.

I think that the most important lesson in this is, that when you are in a bad time, that you learn how to deal with it and twist it around as long as you need until the situation will be bearable. And it will take time, but it will always better to confront it then walk around it.


Don’t wait for the storm to pass, Learn how to dance in the rain.

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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