Donating Hair!

I donated my hair today (March 25th 2016). I wanted a new hair-due for a long time now and I thought why not donate it then. So I took some more time to let it grow a bit more and today was the day. I donated my hair. My hair is not just above the shoulders and I absolutely love it. 

 I donated my hair to a dutch organization called: Haarwensen (Site for Haarwensen) and this site tells you exactly where they use the hair for and what conditions are there when you want to donate etc. My hair salon works together with this oragnization and they ensure that the hair gets to the organization.

Haarwensen makes wigs for kids til eighteen years that have no hair anymore due to a medical condition. They can make a shoulder length wig with at least 30 cm donated hair. My hair was a bit longer so at least shoulder length. Haarwensen already made 848 children happy with a nice hair piece.haarwensen-2

They make one wig with different braids that are donated. You of course need more than one braid from a person to make wigs.

I feel really good about it and I have no regrets that I chopped of a lot of hair. I did it for a good cause and I am happy I did it. Plus the fact that I love my new haircut!

If you are thinking about donating, I would defiantly do it. It gives you a good feeling and let’s be honest…. Hair grows back! right?! (:

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x

Not to forget Happy Easter everybody!!!


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