Do you often imagine how your life would be if you were another person? With other family, other friends, just a whole new surrounding. Well maybe you don’t, but I defiantly do. I like to just swirl away in a fantasy and live it in my head. Meeting people I always wanted to meet. Maybe even being friends or partners with them. Having my dreamjob. Not to forget a dream house in the country and place where I would like to live. Just the perfect life.

I know that it can make you sad en desperate sometimes. But if you can just clear those thoughts, you can have a hell of a nice daydream, that can make your own life maybe even better. It makes my life better. I learn from those ‘daydreams’ that fatasizing is one of the most amazing things and it helps with other things that need your fantasy. It helps you to create something that is not there and that is something that helps me a lot with my study. Being able to fantasize helps me with schoolwork and being able to come up with new things for in the school and for the kids I teach.



But ‘daydreaming’ and fatasies also give me the determination to accomplish the things I am doubtful about. When I am doubtful about something  I just think:”Would I be able to do it in my fantasies?” Most of the time the answer is yes and that give me the boost and determination to make it happen myself.

It also gives me a lot more confidence. Why would I not be able to do it when the person in my head is able to do it? That gives me the confidence to just work as hard as possible to make it happen in my own life.

And not to forget that it also gives you a lot of pleasure and amusement. I see this as my own written book. When I read a book and I really like it, I wish I was able to just jump in that book and be a part of it. Making up a whole new character or just being the main character from the book. I see my fantasies as my own book, for amusement and pleasure. A book that I write myself, but it is all happening in my head. A book where I am the main character and I can make everyone collab with eachother. A book where I can decide when, where and how it ends.

So daydreaming and fantasize about your perfect life is in my opinion not even that stupid, rubbish, sad or desperate. It gives you a lot of things back in your own life and it gives you the pleasure and amusement to be someone else for just a bit.

But for now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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