Sick ?!

What to do when you are sick?!tumblr_lvsiblZ7sJ1r04gyqo1_5001


Well I am always taking a bit of an advantage when I am sick, by doing nothing at all. I am aloud to just sleep, watching television, reading a book, going on YouTube etc. without being told that I am supposed to do something. So that is what I always do.

When I am sick I always try to sleep for the whole morning. I am not a person that can sleep in the afternoon when I am already awake for a good amount of time. So I try to get as much sleep as possible in the morning.

After that I mostly read on my phone. I have some stories on my phone and I will read some chapters in that. Just trying to relax a little.

Then I will get my laptop and install it in a way that I can lay down and watch YouTube, television or a movie. In that way I can still lay down in bed, but I still can watch something if I want to. 3aa25faa6d59a5af15e64f7ccacc912596762d94

I also like to listen to music if I just want to la
y down and when I am just not capable of doing anything. I like listening to spotifys genres and moods : sleeping. One of these playlists always make me more relaxed.

I mostly will do al those things in a random order.

Not to forget is that I always have something to drink besides my bed. It is just important to drink enough.Summer-Ice-cream-Fruit-Installed-Cold-Drink-Infusion-Bottle-To-Drink-Cute-Water-Bottles-glass-Mason.jpg_640x640 Even if you are sick and do not want to drink. I am a person that does not want to drink when I am sick, but I force myself to drink, because I know that it will otherwise only take longer before I get better. I often take a glass jar with a straw and cap when I am sick. For me it just is more convenient when I am using something like that, because you can just take a little sip. When you have a bottle, you need to open the cap take some drinks, close the cap again and put it away. For me that are too many steps to take when I am sick.

So just in short. I just try toe make myself comfortable when I am sick and deep down inside enjoy it a little bit. Not that I am actually sick and I feel awful. But that I am allowed to do nothing instead of needing to do a lot for school or in and around the house.

So take some advantages when you are sick (;

But for now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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