Art & Drawing

I recently have been into art a lot. I really like the modern designs. Straight lines and most of the time only one color.

I really want to change a wall in my room for a while now. But I never really knew what I wanted. But now I know. I want to paint all of my walls white. But I want one wall to stand out. I want to look for a nice geometric pattern on the internet. For example:

geometric-animal-mockups-1-o  f0cb198fb3ded8acc4f8fd0ebf73c4bf  c98e48db374ee9412960f1d67035e141

And when I have chosen one. I want to paint it on the wall. The lines being in a bronze color. I think that it will look really cool on the wall and It will not be to difficult, because it are only lines that need to be painted. It will look epic! I Think white and bronze being the perfect combination to have on a wall. The colors are nice and light so the room will look bigger (I do not have a big room) and it will look nice with all the furniture I have, because most of my furniture is white.

I also have a little dressing table that I want to paint then to. It has a plain wood color now and it is the only piece of furniture that has that color and is not white or black. Also my nightstand can use a touch up, because it has now the same color as the walls of my room (lilac). I will paint those two white to and my have one with a touch of bronze.

I actually got inspired to use the bronze by Zoe Sugg aka. Zoella. She like the bronze color to in a lot of things and when I saw it in her videos I fell more in love with that color. So she is a big part of the choice for bronze.


But not only painting a bronze art piece on the wall is something I really like. I also been into the black, grey and white paintings. I started to draw drawings myself again and I really like to draw with only a FB_IMG_1454245211893grey pencil and change the darkness of the color. I have been drawing faces and art pieces I see on the internet one of them being this one. I think this looks so cool and If my room was a lot bigger I would try to make this on my wall.

I really like to look for amazing pieces of art and try to draw it myself, but with my own twist. This owl being one of them as you can see. And I know that my drawing will never be as good as this one, but I am taking a shot on it.

I think it would be really cool to have a drawing I am very proud of made on a canvas to put on a wall. I think that would be really amazing and look really cool!

And would it not also be amazing if you have a canvas of something like this in black and white on the wall !?! I am still trying to find the time tFB_IMG_1452808660501o draw something like this myself. But I only want to draw the dress and exclude the woman from it. I think only the dress drawn with a grey pencil will look absolutely amazing!

I think these are a lot of future projects I want to do. First the walls and the two furniture pieces and after that trying to make an amazing drawing worth for being printed on a canvas.

But for now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x





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