Photo Faves

I love a good photograph. I really like photo’s that are plain simple, but also let you see and imagine a lot. I always make photo’s when I am on a holiday, because a photo can capture a memory that will last for a long time. I recently really like to make photo’s with one piece that has a beautiful surrounding.

For example this photo. It has a beautiful purple/pink color and if you zoom in you can see a fly on the flower.  It also has an amazing surrounding. SAM_1868Something you can’t quite see in the photo but if you know it you’ll like it. I made this photo in July 2015 in Austria on a mountain called the Großglockner. It is an amazing place. It was my second time there. It is a beautiful mountain. The highest in Austria and one of the highest tops of the Alpine. I made this one on a high spot where you can literally walk through the mountain. The background also shows the glacier that is there to.

Just by one simple photo with an amazing surrounding, I get so many memories. So many things that I can remember from this beautiful place, just by one simple photo from a flower with a fly on it.


This one is also a photo taken on the Großglockner. But this photo is taken higher on the mountain and probably one of the highest spots that are SAM_1900there, where you can come as a tourist. I think this photo has a bit of an urban look. Not a lot, just a bit. I really like this photo, because it is focused on the pole and not on the background, but you can defiantly see the background well. You can see where it is. But the focus lies on the pole with lots of stickers.

I think it is a simple photo in its own way. It is something you do not expect to be in a place like that and that is the key in this photo to remember where it was for me. I will always see this photo and think of the place where that pole stood and how I think it doesn’t really fit in its surroundings.


This is a photo I made in Germany. It was on a SAM_0104little island called Mainau. It is a simple photo with the ‘shadow’ from what I think a woman. But I think it is a good and simple photo, because the colors are all in different greens and black. And the same as with the pole, it is a photo I will always remember, because it is something that you wouldn’t put together, but in the photo it is. That ‘shadow’ does not belong there at the water between the plants, but it is there if you want it or not. It is a beauty in itself.


And then we have this photo. I think that this is a photo where everyone will know what it is, but will never be completely sure. I also really like it because the color keeps the photo simple. It is just one with a lot of dimension and a lot of imagination.

This photo was also taken on SAM_0115the island Mainau and as you maybe can see it was a beautiful sunny day. When I think back at that time through this photo, I still remember that I liked this flower (; so much that I wanted the most amazing photo that I would ever make from that flower. Looking back at it now, I still like the photo a lot, but I know from myself that I made better photo’s since I made this one from the bright orange flower, that I liked so much at the time.

And then the last one for now. It is so simple. Just a photo of some rocks stacked together. But SAM_1332I still think it is an amazing photo, because you can really see the surroundings fit with the pile of rocks and you can also see more piles of rocks faded away in the background. I think it is also such a good photo, because the focus is on the front pile and it slowly fades away, but not taking away the surroundings.

This photo was made in Denmark somewhere near Copenhagen. It was at a rocky beach and there were a lot of rocks stacked together and I was just amazed by it and that is why I made a photo from the stacks of rocks. I took a lot of photo’s actually, but this one was, and still is, by far the best.


I just really like to look at old photo’s and see the whole memory in front of me again. Just going back to the time I loved so much. I hope you do as well?!

But for now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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