I never ever have been a big fan from the JB, Justin Bieber. It was not that I didn’t like his music, but I just wasn’t a big fan. But I maybe have become a little bit of a fan in 2015.justin-bieber-purpose-413x413

You can say anything you want, but I know for sure that every human being on this planet became a Belieber in 2015.

When his fourth album ‘Purpose’ came out I was sold. I love his album and I just ordered Purpose in LP form from him. I really like the music on it. The sound is different from what I usually hear from him in my opinion and I actually really like this sound from him.

I have the feeling that the songs are having more emotion in them than it was in other albums that came before this one. And I like it when songs contain a big emotion and meaning in them.

I especially like the song ‘Love yourself’. I think that the music is composed really well and I like it that Ed Sheeran was a co-writer and singer in the song. The song is so different from what were used to from Justin that it is so astonishing that a lot of Beliebers and others people like it as much as his other music.

But not only Love yourself is a good song on the new album. I also really like Life is worth living. It is also kept really small, the same as with Love yourself. And it has just like Love yourself a lot of meaning in the song. Plus the fact that it is composed really well too (like every song on the album).

Not to forget that I also like the classics from the album ‘What do you mean and Sorry’ I am still debating what I think of ‘Where are Ü now’, but the song keeps developing for me from the not to sure side to the I like it side. So it keeps making progress.

But my all time favorite song from the album is Purpose. It is so meaningful in so many and different ways. Purpose is the only song where I can really truly feel the emotion and that is the most important think when you sing a song in my opinion.

I just think that even though you are totally not into Justin Bieber, you should listen to the album at least once. Get an experience you’ll never forget. It can be positive or negative, but it is defiantly worth listening. I always liked some of his songs and now I love a whole album.

He is visibly growing up and that also means the same for his music. It is also growing up and becoming better and better every time.

Just listen!

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x



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