I learned myself to not love myself

“So many years of education yFB_IMG_1452532434714et nobody ever taught us how to love ourselves and why it’s so important.”

I saw this sentence last week on the internet and this first thing I thought was: “It is so true.” We learn so much every day. At home, from friends, family and especially school. But one of the things we never learn is to love ourselves and we also do not learn why we need to love ourselves.

And I think the biggest thing that keeps us from learning that is the media. Media keeps us busy every day and that is not always a bad thing. There are so many positives about media and we learn a lot from media. But media gives us also a lot of negative things and one thing I think is that we are trying to be the person we see on posters and photo’s. Even though we all know that is just not the reality. I think that those photo’s put a lot off people down and I think they are making a lot of people self conscious about themselves. Including me.

I’ve had and still have my insecurities and I am still self conscious about myself and that developed for a big part out of media. I tried to be the person that was displayed in the magazines or posters, in the advertisements. I learned in the years that it is not good to compete with those images, because it is just not reachable.

I tried to be someone I would never be and in that time I didn’t learn to love myself. I learned myself to not love myself. And why would someone do that to themselves? A question I asked myself a lot of times when I came a little bit out of trying to be someone I was never going to be. Why would I learn myself to not love myself. And until this day I still don’t know the answer. I still have times where I am comparing myself with an image I am never going to be and in the past I acted on those thoughts the wrong way. I started to express my pain the wrong way. I’ve learned in time that there are other options to express my pain.

I slowly started to learn to love myself and I started to learn that it was important to love yourself, because it is not ending well, if you can not love yourself. And I am not saying I truly love myself. I think nobody does. Everyone has his or her own insecurities, but I learned through time that I can express that pain by just telling myself I wasn’t put on this world to put myself down.

Every time I feel low about myself these days I tell myself that I am worth it just like everybody else and that I can be seen. I am not lower than another person. I am myself and I have just as much right to be here than anybody else. And there are defiantly times where I can’t get myself to tell that, but I do not express myself in a wrong way anymore. I think about it sometimes, but I do not do it anymore.

I am slowly learning to love myself, and I am doing it all by myself. The thing I think we should do in the future is to help the generations to love themselves and to put that part in education to. Because it is just as important as learning how to solve a calculation, how to speak a different language or anything else we learn. We shouldn’t be learning to love ourselves by ourselves. We should learn it together.

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging



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