New year’s resolutions

New year’s resolutions.

I always find it really hard to find some good resolutions and I think I am not the only one. It is just really hard to stick to it throughout the year.

But I also find it really hard to find a resolution that is unique that no one has. Because I think that you will stick to it better if it is a unique one. Not the basic resolutions as losing weight, quit smoking, less social media, concentrate better on school etc. I always want to find something unique and I just think that is pretty hard.

I also find it hard to stick to something you need to do every day. Just a small thing that only takes like not even five minutes a day. I had a year where the book from Demi Lovato was published. It was right before it became 2014, and my resolution was to read the page that belonged to the day on the day self. So I needed to read one page every day, but after a couple of months I forgot it sometimes or I didn’t bother to read it that day and then I would do two pages on a day. If I think back it was pretty stupid from me to not being able to keep up that one pages a day. But I find that just a really hard thing to do.

So I came up with some resolutions that I truly want to do in 2016. I want to have a resolution that I have to do every day. Something that does not take too much time, but gives me something for the day. And I think that after one year not reading the book, I should read the book from Demi Lovato once again, and this time sticking to it, that I read one page a day. Keeping it up and feeling good at the end of the year, that I was able to read that page every day with consistency.

Another resolution I have it to read  a question from the book “The book of questions” once a week. I think that the questions I read from the book are really good questions and you can learn from them. (If you want to read a blog about the book click the link >  SoZing blog: The book of questions). So I want to read one question once a week and reflect on that question. Answer it for myself and learn from it.

I also want to keep up the writing on my story I am making. There are some chapters on this blog (the page: Who I am). But I think it becomes better and better as it comes. The chapters are getting longer the story gets more body, so I want to keep that up to. Pushing myself to have at least 25 til 30 chapters at the end of the new year.

And last but not least I want to keep up this blog. Posting one blog every Sunday: “BlogSunday”. I just feel that this blog made me so much less stressed since I started it in July. I can just write about anything I want and it makes my head nice and empty. It gives me some space to empty some full spaces in my head, so it is not as much overloaded as it was before.

So that are my resolutions.

  1. Reading one page every day from Demi’s book : Staying strong: 365 days a year;
  2. Read one question a week from “The book of questions”. Reflect on it, answer it and learning from it;
  3. Keeping up with writing my story. Having at least 25 til 30 chapters at the end of the year;
  4. Keeping up my blog to give myself some space in my mind.

(What are your resolutions? Do you stick to the basic ones or do you make your own unique one?)

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x

PS. This time not a BlogSunday, but a BlogFriday (^_^) !





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