The time where Christmas trees are decorated and light are hung up to fill up the darkness. But what is actually the true meaning of Christmas?

Everyone celebrates Christmas in a different way, no doubt about that. But the question I ask myself is: What is now the true meaning of Christmas.

What I learned is that we celebrateĀ the birth of Jesus with Christmas, but for a lot of people that is not the case. Some people don’t even believe in a religion. Some religions don’t even have Jesus in them. So what I have learned, the thing that must present Christmas, is that true? Or are there other things that are celebrated with Christmas.

For example: I personally do not celebrate Christmas with presents. We have another celebration in The Netherlands were children and a lot of the time also the adults get presents called: Sinterklaas. So I don’t get presents with Christmas. But in a lot of other countries Christmas is celebrated with present under the tree. Why do a lot of people celebrate Christmas with presents and why are a majority of The Netherlands not celebrating it that way. Why do a lot of countries have Santa Claus with Christmas and why have I learned from the start that Santa Claus is not real so there are no presents with Christmas?

If you think about it, it is actually pretty strange that we all celebrate it all so different and see it all so different, when it is one feast on the same day. Why are we all celebrating it so different when the feast we are having is called the same and is on the same day. Why isn’t there one line in it. Why isn’t it just the same?

I think that it is pretty weird we all celebrating a feast that is not the same for everyone. But I also think it is pretty unique we can all celebrate something on the same day with the same sight (because think for yourself, everyone turns on light with Christmas and a majority has a full on decorated Christmas tree), but we all have a different point of view on it and everything gets respected. Everyone wants to have a good time and everyone wants a nice Christmas and if someone is not getting or having a good Christmas we will all do anything to make it good. I think Christmas gets people together, even if the point of view is different.

I don’t think that we will ever know the true meaning of Christmas, but I know for sure it is an amazing time of the year that gets people together.

And I think that is pretty weird but also amazing that something like that is possible.

But for now I sign off.

SoZing stops Caroling x (;

Merry Christmas!!





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