Are we all like caterpillars that need to die to become a butterfly?

Do we all live for nothing? BRR                                                       Is death the end or are we all                                                  like caterpillars that need to die                                                   to become a butterfly?

I came across this few sentences last year when I was studying and it made me think a lot. Because are we all born here for one thing and then die at the end? Or are we going to live once again, but in a much better way. Is the life we are living now a preparation for the life to come? But if it is kind of a circle, aren’t we then just living for the dead?

I personally think it means that every bad thing has good things. If something goes wrong it will always make you better in the end. It is like being just a small piece of a big thing and everything that you do will only make you better, more beautiful, more alive, more of everything I guess.

I also do not actually know why I like these sentences so much, Because I do not really like insects. I really don’t like caterpillars, and butterflies make me jump, because they fly in my opinion out of control, with no sight to go to. But in the end I really like the text from above, because it is so globally written that everybody can make his own opinion about it.

It is actually like an abstract painting. If you have a really detailed painting, you already know what it is and probably what it means. But if you look at an abstract painting you can make your own storyline and think about it for yourself. And most importantly, everything is right because you can not see what it is. It is your own imagination and it is all for yourself to figure it out. What suits with you and what will you make of it.

I think that everything in life should be about imagining it for yourself and figure it out for yourself. Not letting other people or other things control your life. I learned from the things I did wrong. I let it control me for a part in my life, but I have let go of it and know I am just that amazing butterfly that made an evolution from the caterpillar. The bad times in my life were the caterpillar and the good ones are the butterfly.

But also the good things can be the caterpillar, that will be made into a butterfly. It only takes time just like an evolution. Everything takes time. And if you give it time it will turn out in something beautiful.

A beautiful butterfly.

Bur for now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x



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