11 November

In the Netherlands you have a feast day on the eleventh of november called Sint Maarten (Saint Martin). When there is this feast day  kids from  some primary schools are going around the houses in the evening singing songs with their self-made 11Nlantern and when the are done singing they get candy. Just like Halloween a bit. The lanterns are made in the school and most of the time the children get their lantern with them on the tenth or the eleventh of november.

Nobody is completely sure how the feast is originated, Mostly they think it is something from the Teutons. A Teuton Winterfest. But it can also be from a pure church origin. But it is defiantly clear that it became a general feast for the children.

I have attempted this feast to when I was in primary school and I always loved it. The school did a lot to make it as much fun as possible, Making an amazing lantern every year and being creative, were some of the things I really liked as a child, And now that I am learning to be a teacher and having internships in different schools, I really like it to see the differences and looking for myself what I would do when I will become a teacher myself.

11NIt is just really cool to see all the children working on their own lantern and just being so proud in the end of what they made. That is a really amazing thing to see. And I also really like it that the parens are just as excited as their children.

It is just one big ray of light beaming in the evening. A nice cosy thing between the cold winter and christmas. It is just the extra bit off light that make it amazing to work up to Christmas. Because I always think that if it starts to get early dark outside, that Christmas can come around, because than you will at least have all the cosy lights and then it does not seem so dark.

It is just an amazing children’s feast. Especially for the teachers and the parents. Seeing proud children is always amazing!

But for now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x



2 thoughts on “11 November

  1. St. Maarten’s Day on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten has taken a different course, island-style of course. We have a big parade downtown and fireworks. I wondered how it was celebrated in the rest of the Netherlands, and now I know! Thanks.


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