Hello peoples!

Sometimes I can feel like I am on the top of the world. Like nothing is going to take me down. I feel that most of the time in my life. But sometimes and lately more often, I just feel afraid. Well maybe afraid is a big word. I think you can better call it anxious. I feel like I just want to stay at home where it is safe and where I can relax. At those times I don’t want lots of people around me. I prefer than to be alone and just listen to music and read.

I have this anxious feeling a lot more lately and I think it is just that I am anxious about the start of the new year at college and al the hectic that is coming with it. I just have this tight feeling around my chest and I just need to slowly breath in and out to calm myself a bit down. It’s like I feel I am going to be caught in something bad, while I am just sitting down, not doing anything wrong. My close friends know I have this weird anxious/panic feeling. And they understand it really well actually. I am very thankful for that.

I know that this isn’t the normal blog post I would do, and I also know this blog post is two days late. But I think that you all shout know why I am late with my blog posts. Well because of this. I didn’t feel like writing a blog post this weekend because I felt anxious.

I hope you all understand.

Next time I will have a happy blog. I promise.

But for now I sign off.

Sozing stops Zinging x


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