Schiermonnikoog 2015

A couple of days a go I went to a peninsula called Schiermonnikoog. It is a peninsula in the Netherlands. I have been there twice before, both for school. The first time was one day in april 2015 to explore the peninsula and the second time I was there for four days in may 2015. We needed to organise a program for a primary school and do the program with the group. It was an amazing experience. Because the island isn’t that big you can literally see the island and al her glory in one day.

The day I got back to see Schiermonnikoog, I let my family see all the amazing things Schiermonnikoog has. The amazing views, the beach, all the nice flowers, the lighthouse, the bunker, the village and much more. It is good that there are so much nice things on there because I am see sick and it actually wouldn’t be so great if there was not a lot to do xD.

We left a five o’clock from home. because riding to the boat costs us one hour and fifteen minutes. the boat sailed away at half past six and we were on Schiermonnikoog at a quarter past seven. We had rented some bikes because that is another thing. You are not allowed to go on the peninsula with a car. There are two busses and the other transportation is a bike or walking. But if you want to see the whole peninsula then I would say you rent a bike. We first got to the village with a bus because the bike rent by the boat opens when the second boat arrives and that is at half past nine. So we got to the village and rented our bikes there. We got to the beach first and walked a bit there. After that we went to the lighthouse which was pretty cool to see. After the lighthouse we cycled through the village to the bunker. It was a bunker from the second world war and I used that bunker with the program for the primary school. You can go in and on top of the bunker. There is also a bunker museum not far from there, where you get the history from all the bunkers on the peninsula. After the bunker we went to the beach again. We walked there for a good hour and I made a couple of pictures. Then we cycled to the end of the peninsula as far as you could go with a bike. When we were at the end it was not as amazing as we thought so we cycled further to the fishing port and ate lunch looking at the view. A lot of boats were on dry lands because the water was very low. It was amazing to see. After lunch we cycled to the a bird hut where you could watch all these different kind of birds that were on the water. After the bird hut we cycled to the village and stopped there to see the different things in the village, Like a famous statue of a monk, a whale jaw and lots of different shops. When we had walked through the whole village we started to cycle back to the boat. We left the peninsula at half past four and we were back home at eight o’clock because we ate in between.

The only not so positive thing about that day was that I burnt hard, but like really heard. So if you go on a nice day like I did (it was 22ºC), make sure to use sun cream! But beyond that I had an amazing day and I would recommend to go there if you want to go to one of the peninsula’s in the Netherlands, because it is not expensive at all!

For now I sign off.

Sozing stops Zinging x


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