Staying Strong

    Demi Lovato Staying Strong 365 days a year : August 3

One of the books that actually helped me instead of amused me is Demi Lovato her book Staying Strong 365 Days a Year. The book has a different quote everyday of the year, with an opinion or story from Demi herself. But there is also a goal everyday that you can do.

This book inspired me so much and helped me a lot. reading the quotes and Demi’s story is so inspirering and the goals are on different levels. So some are easy to reac oders are more difficult.

A quote that I love that is in the book is the one from  the 3th of August. Quote: It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. -E. E. Cummings  I like this quote because it tells you the truth. It literally takes so much courage to grow to the person you want to be, because the world is not based on it. Most of the time it is even hard to say what you really want to your closest person(s). So how are you gonna be able to say it to the world?!

I had and still have things that I want to tell to the world be just can’t because I don’t have the courage. Eventhough I know it probably won’t be bad to tell. The persons that are close to me all know that I love to sing but my dream is to be someone that can sing for a living. I don’t have to be mega popular. But I love to sing on events and other places. But I know from myself that I first need the courage to tell it to someone and I am not ready for that this moment.One thing I know is that one day I will rise above the world and tell and acomplish what I want. I will have the courage to say this outloud instead of writing it down.

So to myself and you, have courage and take it. We are gonna make the world ours.

If you want to read the book you should check this link : Demi’s Book Staying Strong. You can find every day on there.

For now I singn off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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