Austria 17/07/2015 Grossglockner

Did you ever had a moment where you felt proud? Where you felt like you were on top of the world!! Well maybe that is a bit too much, but a moment where you felt proud about something? Well I definitely have some moments.

One of them is this picture on the right. When I saw it on the screen of my camera I thought it wasn’t a really good picture, but when I saw it on my laptop I felt so proud of it. The front is on focus and the behind blur. The colors are amazing in contrast. I was truly proud of it.

Sometimes the smallest things can make you proud. It doesn’t have to be something big. Of course you will have your big moments, but the smallest things that make you proud need to be seen to. Because sometimes the smallest things where you’re proud of can make you the happiest.

Just sit and think for yourself where you are proud of. For me that was a hard task a couple of years ago. But slowly I started to feel proud with the littlest of things and now I am so much more often proud. I am proud of the friends and family I have. I am proud of the fact I passed my exams twice in one time (I did two different levels). I am proud of the fact I love to play, sing and listen to music. I am proud when I get a good grade, make a good photo, when I can laugh with my friend or just laugh in general. I am proud of a lot of things. And I can’t say now that I am fully proud of myself because of the past and things that happened to me and what I did. But I will get there. And maybe it is not always good to be proud of everything, but it made my life so much more colorful and brighter, that I prefer to be proud of something everyday than once in a while.

So be PROUD!!!!!!

For now I sign off. (being proud) (^-^)

SoZing stops Zinging x


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