She’s kinda hot

When I was in the third year of secondary school I fell in love with music. I was always the girl who liked music, but in that year I really fell in love with it. It mostly came because I wasn’t feeling very well and music made me feel a lot better, because I could express myself through the music, by playing instruments and singing. This also made me love a lot of different kinds of music. From classic to hardstyle, metal but mostly pop music. And there are a couple of singers and bands I loved or still love.

It began with a band named the Jonas Brothers. I loved them. I had most of their albums and I listened to their music every moment I could. But when they didn’t have a new album/music for a long while I kinda started to lose the love for it.

I moved on to Demi Lovato. I loved her music. And I still do now. She has such a great voice and her music only gets better and better. I personally love all her more decent and quieter songs, like Two pieces, Fix you etc. But I also love her new single Cool for the summer. She rocks that song.

After a while of only Demi Lovato, I started to miss the ‘band feeling’ a bit. Then I heard a new hit on the radio called What makes you beautiful and I didn’t like the song because the intro had so much of a song in movie Grease. But I heard it more and more and in the end I started to like it. And that made me a fan of the new band One DIrection. Until this day I love there music. Especially the song Through the dark. It has so much meaning to it. Love love love that song.

Did you ever had a song you loved so much that you just put it on repeat and listened it until you became paranoid by that song? Well I did and still do. And this brings me to the last band I actually started to love not long ago. One of their songs I repeat A LOT is the song She’s kinda hot. Maybe you already guessed. 5SOS aka. Five seconds of summer. It started with the video clip Good Girls that constantly came on my tv. In the beginning it was just a song. But it started to get more and more catchy and now 5SOS is my new, go to band.

But not only these bands and singer make my day if I listen or sing there songs. There are a couple of other songs I love.

1. Forever and always from Parachute

2. Lavender’s blue dilly dilly from the Cinderella movie 2015

3. Last Hope, Misery business, Brick by boring brick from Paramore

4. I lived, Something I need, Come home from One Republic

5. If you ever want to be in love, Let it go from James Bay

And lots of more. So if you need some music inspiration, here is some.

Definitely check out 5SOS She’s kinda hot (^-^) 😉

For now I sign off.

SoZing stops Zinging x


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